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#StreamTheWorld’s unmatched live streaming platform gains critical ground on the largest #CDNs

Philadelphia, September 24, 2009 – StreamTheWorld, the leader in live streaming services for broadcasters, announced that it is now reaching more than 450 000 concurrent live media streams on its network daily, a 50% increase over the last year.

These figures demonstrate the robustness of the StreamTheWorld network and its ability to handle the demand of over 1,600 live television and radio stations in 20 countries around the world. This number increases every month as new and prestigious clients like CBS, AOL, Multimedios, CadenaSER and Sky News rely on StreamTheWorld to help them better engage and retain their audience.

“This is an incredible accomplishment for a company the size of StreamTheWorld and one that we are very proud of.  We have been able to grow our live concurrent network audience to 75% of Akamai’s, using only a fraction of their infrastructure.  We believe we offer the best live streaming solutions on the market today and are hoping to grow our audience beyond 500,000 concurrent users by the end of the year,” says Jean-François Gadoury, CTO, StreamTheWorld.

About StreamTheWorld
StreamTheWorld is the leader in live streaming technology and services specifically dedicated to broadcasters’ success. Founded in 2005, the company is currently streaming more than 1,600 radio and TV stations in more than 20 countries. The company already helps some of the world’s largest radio and TV broadcasters, such as CBS, CadenaSER, Multimedios, SkyNews and AOL, find new ways to better engage and retain their audience. StreamTheWorld’s fully integrated solution lets you address all your streaming needs, including User Experience, Advertising, Delivery (including mobile) and Metrics.

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