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#Bell #Canada to Build #CDN using #Limelight Networks

Bell announced an exclusive partnership with Limelight Networks on a new CDN [content delivery network] offering in Canada. While this is not the first telco Limelight has worked with, the Bell partnership is unique since Bell won’t simply be re-selling Limelight’s (LLNW) service or licensing their technology. Instead, Bell is placing Limelight servers in their co-lo facilities, tying them into their IP network and using Limelight to operate and maintain the CDN.

This is a multi-million dollar deal for Limelight and the two companies have already lined up, and as the first clients who will use the new CDN. While the market for CDN services in Canada is still small when compared to the U.S., projections I have seen from Cisco (CSCO) say the total CDN market in Canada, for video and non-video content, was $106M last year, growing to $174M by the end of 2010.

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