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#Telcos and #hosting providers move into the #CDN market

Jet Stream builds one CDN per month
Telcos and hosting providers move into the CDN market, powered by Dutch CDN technology

London, 16 october 2009

Jet Stream BV, CDN technologies market leader, announced on the Streaming Media Europe show in London that it has licensed and deployed eight CDNs since the latest release of their VideoExchange CDN software suite was launched in March 2009. This announcement was made exactly a year after the software was previewed on the very same show in 2008.

“In the past eight months we have licensed and built more CDNs than most other vendors have built together”, says Stef van der Ziel, CEO of Jet Stream. “Most CDN technology developers are still focussing on the infrastructural level: how to distribute, how to relay, how to report. But the true value in a CDN is not just its core technology. It is also about fast deployment and cost effective operation.”

“We have been licensing CDN tech since 2002, so we have a long track record in CDN core technologies. With that advantage, we have been able to focus on and invest in technologies for faster deployment, easier operations and flexible licensing. That strategy has clearly worked. VideoExchange already powers CDNs in Europe, Russia, Latin America and the USA.”

Jet Streams’ technology is built upon a large and unique IPR stack. VideoExchange runs on common of the shelve hardware and does not impact the network layer at all. It does not rely on caching and DNS technologies: it abstracts the CDN core features and management from the underlying networking and distribution layer. The technology has advanced mechanisms for distribution, relaying, monitoring and reporting, is third party vendor agnostic and works with open standards: any distribution server can be integrated.

Deployment of a VideoExchange powered CDN is a matter of hardware deployment by the telco and software deployment by Jet Stream. A CDN can be operational in a matter of weeks instead of years. Licensing is scalable, allowing the telco to move in immediately and scale along with the customers’ volumes.

“The best compliment we had so far is that the VideoExchange interface doesn’t look like a CDN”, says van der Ziel. “Old school CDNs have multiple, outdated interfaces, terminals and applications. They are complex. The web based VideoExchange dashboards for CDN operation and content owners are so easy to use that anyone can now manage a CDN: we have abstracted the complex inner workings of a CDN with a beautiful, easy to use and professional cockpit”.

Jet Stream BV is a privately owned, debt-free, highly profitable and fast growing company. The VideoExchange CDN software suite it its flagship product, which is targeted at global and regional telcos, hosting providers and CDNs. The StreamZilla CDN is focussed on European content owners and delivers billions streams for well-known brands, sports clubs, broadcasters and enterprises.

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