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EdgeCast Networks and GoGrid Launch No-Commitment, on-Demand Cloud Infrastructure With CDN


LOS ANGELES - EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost-effective rich media content delivery network (CDN), and GoGrid, the cloud infrastructure hosting service from ServePath Hosting, today announced GoGrid CDN, a hybrid cloud hosting service with integrated global content delivery.

Organizations can now provision cloud computing infrastructure (in the form of servers, load balancers and cloud storage) and content delivery services moments after signup. This enables the deployment of massive amounts of networked resources in minutes with no capital expense and a commitment as brief as one hour.

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“Many of our customers experience sudden surges in demand for their content, and without the ability to scale quickly, that can be crippling,” said James Segil, president of EdgeCast Networks. “Our relationship with GoGrid gives customers the peace of mind of knowing that, on a moment’s notice, the sky is the limit for their digital assets – whether they need processing power, edge storage, or lightning-fast delivery to any city in the world.”

The integrated service, offered under a utility pricing model, also includes several quick-to-deploy, pre-configured server “templates” that further speed the setup and deployment process and facilitate very rapid scaling.

“This is exciting because it offers a one-stop solution to companies regardless of their size,” said Michael Sheehan, technology evangelist for GoGrid. “Established enterprises can quickly extend their existing corporate infrastructure on an as-needed basis, and young companies can deploy content and services without paying for hardware or other complex hosting arrangements. This lets them focus on their core business – and not the worries of infrastructure deployment, maintenance, or depreciating assets.”

GoGrid cloud infrastructure hosting with CDN is available immediately. Customers can learn more by visiting the GoGrid Cloud Hosting site.

About EdgeCast Networks, Inc.
EdgeCast offers a superior, cost-effective global content delivery service that gives our customers and partners competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media. Our world-class content delivery platform provides customers the cost benefits and flexibility of controlling their own content delivery network while freeing them from capital investments and operational hassles. To learn more, visit

About GoGrid
GoGrid is a leading Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider that delivers true “Control in the Cloud.” GoGrid enables sysadmins, developers, IT professionals and SaaS vendors to create, deploy, and control free f5 load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root access and administrative server control which includes personal server images (known as MyGSIs). GoGrid server instances maintain the industry standard specifications with no requirement to learn and adapt to proprietary standards. Bringing up servers and server networks takes minutes via a unique, award-winning web control panel or GoGrid’s API. GoGrid delivers portal controlled servers for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server, and ASP.NET, as well as multiple Linux server operating systems like RHEL and CentOS. GoGrid gives users the control of a familiar datacenter environment with the flexibility and immediate scalability of the cloud, a “cloudcenter.”

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