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Level 3 Announces Enhancements to Level 3 Enabled Portal

Level 3 Communications (NewsAlert) Inc. has announced significant enhancements to its customer portal. The Level 3 Enabled Portal is designed to offer secure and reliable online access to improved ordering, network management, invoicing and reporting tools for Level 3 customers. This approach ensures they are better able to manage their network services.

Eric Seibert, chief information officer of Reliance Trust Company, said that the Level 3 Enabled Portal places the customer in the driver’s seat.

“Convenient, easy-to-use features allow us to manage our order, billing and network data when and how we need it – critical functionality for us to stay competitive,” Seibert said.
The functionality within this portal includes both new and redesigned features to ensure that it provides transparent access to a full suite of online features. These online options include order placement and review; service and network management; invoice management such as bill presentment, analysis and payment; and reporting and analysis.

“Level 3 offers the right combination of network services and management tools to deliver a premium customer experience,” Joe Harding, vice president of product development for Level 3, said. “In today’s highly competitive business environment, enhanced portal capabilities provide anytime, anywhere access for Level 3 customers to optimize their business needs.”
Level 3 customers enjoy the benefit of improved capabilities that allow them to review and monitor network performance. At the same time, self-service capabilities through the portal offers customers greater network visibility and control, with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Level 3 technical service consultants back the Level 3 Enabled Portal. These consultants continue to provide direct, customized support for customer request received from customers across North America and Europe.

The company announced last month it is expanding its operations in the Philadelphia area. Level 3 has an extensive network in the Philadelphia area that includes the cities of Allentown and Reading – as well as Wilmington, Del., and Camden, N.J. – which is said to encompass more than 25,000 businesses.

Level 3 is also providing content delivery network, or “CDN,” services to Czech Republic-based Internet BillBoard. An agreement was signed between both companies. According to Level 3, its CDN technology enhances online video and flash content delivery for advertising networks, BillBoard and BB Elements, in Eastern European countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Russia.

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