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Cotendo Unveils New Version of Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) and Adds New Services to its CDN and Site Acceleration Suite

For web content and application providers, Cotendo Dynamic Site Acceleration 2.0 increases flexibility in DSA delivery, new service Site Assure maximizes service continuity

Sunnyvale, CA – November 16, 2009 Cotendo, a CDN and Site Acceleration Services Provider, today announced key enhancements to its Cotendo Unity Platform targeted to web content and application providers. The new services of the Cotendo Unity Platform 2.0 will significantly improve the ability of online retailers, advertising networks, transactional enterprises, and professional news and data content sites to provide fast, secure and reliable ‘whole site’ delivery of both static and dynamic content to online customers and site visitors.

The new site acceleration services offering includes: Cotendo Dynamic Site Acceleration 2.0, a highly robust DSA service that provides unmatched performance and flexibility in the delivery of dynamic content; and Cotendo Site Assure, an integrated smart monitoring and event-driven service for maximizing website uptime and service continuity.

"With the Cotendo Unity Platform 2.0, we have expanded our site acceleration suite to provide a full range of whole site acceleration services that deliver outstanding performance, control, agility and visibility," said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo’s CEO. "This integrated platform also lays the foundation for continuing innovation going forward, including enhancements such as the latest version of our Dynamic Site Acceleration service and new value-added services like Cotendo Site Assure."

“Website performance has business value," said Lydia Leong, a research director in the Communications group at Gartner. "Improved performance can potentially increase the time that a user spends on a site, increase user engagement, increase revenues, and decrease support costs. In a business-to-business context, performance can also help drive user acceptance of new applications and new business processes.”

"Cotendo DSA is a key differentiator for us and meets these market requirements by accelerating in particular the delivery of dynamic content," said Cotendo CEO Zehavi. "It enables better web site performance and thereby improves user satisfaction, increases revenues, and enables businesses to achieve a greater investment return on their web presence."

Cotendo Dynamic Site Acceleration 2.0 with symmetric DSA

Cotendo’s Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) service, which enables content providers to increase the performance of global delivery of dynamic web sites and web applications to achieve a superior end-user experience, now supports symmetric model dynamic site acceleration. It adds a first-mile point of presence (POP) near the content provider’s origin, allowing faster acceleration and superior congestion control management for many web and ecommerce applications. Cotendo DSA 2.0 also continues to offer asymmetric DSA.

"With the flexibility of using symmetric, asymmetric or mixed-mode DSA, our customers can achieve significant bi-directional acceleration and reduced latency for any dynamic application, such as B2C ecommerce, news, php, jsp, machine to machine traffic and others," Zehavi said. He further noted that Cotendo’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) option is available with Cotendo DSA 2.0, and that SSL traffic can also be accelerated. "We support customers’ private certificates or Cotendo’s shared SSL certificates to protect and accelerate all HTTPS traffic in both directions, from origin servers to the end user and back," he said.

Cotendo Site Assure improves service continuity

Cotendo Site Assure is a real-time 24×7 site monitoring and management service, which, combined with Cotendo’s Advanced DNS service, ensures content providers’ business continuity. In the event of a server failure, Site Assure will notify Cotendo’s Advanced DNS to automatically route the traffic to another destination, enabling customers to achieve maximum service availability and optimize their traffic balancing. Site Assure also enables the creation of customized rules that define static and dynamic routing polices such as failover and balance routing. It provides real-time reports on the performance of the infrastructure.


The new site acceleration services in the Cotendo Unity Platform 2.0 will be available in December 2009. Contact Cotendo via email at

About Cotendo

Cotendo is a CDN and Site Acceleration Services Provider and an innovator of software-focused site acceleration technologies. Cotendo’s full suite of site acceleration services is addressing an important unmet need that Internet content and web application providers have for application-level flexibility and sophisticated management of performance and cost. Cotendo is led by experts in intelligent content management and content delivery networks. Founded in 2008, Cotendo is funded by Sequoia Capital and Benchmark Capital. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D based in Israel. For more information about Cotendo and its CDN and Site Acceleration Services Suite, visit


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