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Akamai sees strong demand for CDN services in 4th quarter|


Akamai said its fourth quarter revenue and earnings are looking better as commerce and media customers are seeing “stronger volume growth.”

That’s a good sign considering that Akamai, which features applications that deliver Web pages faster via a content delivery network (CDN), has good insight on its customer base. And it looks like e-commerce and media are seeing better-than-expected demand from a year ago. The year-ago quarter is a low bar to hurdle, but it’s something.

Existing customers intend to shift their CDN business increasingly towards Akamai and away from competitors in CY10, indicating Akamai has room to gain additional market share within the core customer base. Bottom line: Survey of Akamai’s loyal customers shows solid spending intentions into CY10 and potential for share gains within the existing base.

Akamai: Commerce, media customers showing stronger volume | Between the Lines |

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