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E-Business – Amazon Adds Streaming To CloudFront Content Delivery


Amazon Adds Streaming To CloudFront Content Delivery By Carl Weinschenk

December 16, 2009 3:18PM
Amazon Web Services has added streaming of Internet content to its Amazon CloudFront delivery network, using 14 edge servers worldwide. Amazon says streaming is less costly than downloading entire files. Content can be stored in the Amazon Simple Storage Service. Amazon CloudFront’s streaming prices drop as the content volume increases.

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The increasing amount and more demanding nature of Internet content has led Amazon Web Services to add streaming capabilities to its Amazon CloudFront content-delivery network . The company said content will stream from 14 edge servers located around the world. The goal, according to Amazon, is to empower users and ease the cumbersome and inefficient procedure of downloading entire files to end user’s devices.

Amazon says streaming — in which content is viewed as it is received — gives end users more control and reduces costs. Costs shrink because once the user stops the session, delivery ceases immediately. In traditional approaches, an entire file is downloaded — making the cost of the operation higher.

E-Business – Amazon Adds Streaming To CloudFront Content Delivery

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