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Payoneer Selects Cotendo CDN Suite to Accelerate Access to Its Online Payments Network


SUNNYVALE, CA — 01/25/10 — Cotendo, a content delivery network (CDN) and site acceleration services provider, today announced that Payoneer, a leading global payments solution company, has chosen the Cotendo CDN and Site Acceleration Suite to improve the performance of its worldwide payments platform. Performance gains included a 75% decrease in Website access times in some geographical locations resulting in significant increases in worldwide customer satisfaction.

Payoneer operates an online payments platform that provides its partners with an efficient method to pay individuals virtually anywhere in the world. Payoneer’s customers include affiliate networks, content providers, direct sellers, market researchers, payroll providers, clinical researchers and others. Payoneer offers reloadable prepaid cards on behalf of its global partners. These companies then use Payoneer’s Web interface to load the cards when payments are due. Payees use the Web interface to manage and monitor their card accounts.

Payoneer’s Website consistently experiences heavy traffic as evidenced by its recent Alexa ranking of 9,355. The company faced two challenges: high concentrations of traffic from regions with well developed broadband networks like the United States and Europe; and bottlenecks in regions where users do not have the luxury of high-speed Internet connections. One of Payoneer’s top priorities was to overcome these challenges, delivering a fast, easy-to-use Web interface to its customers, regardless of location. The Cotendo CDN and Site Acceleration Suite — with its whole site acceleration of static, dynamic, and secure content — was ideally suited to meet the global demands of Payoneer’s business.

According to Yuval Tal, Payoneer’s CEO, the Cotendo Site Acceleration Suite stood out from competing solutions in its ability to accelerate secure content. "As a financial services provider, secure transactions and speed are critical to our business," he said. "Cotendo’s SSL acceleration technology really impressed us, and we felt it was clearly the best solution out there."

Tal commented that Cotendo’s unified platform provided speedy implementation and simplified ongoing content management. "We didn’t need to make any changes to our website to deliver content over Cotendo’s CDN. With any other CDN, we would have had to change HTML code and make other modifications. The implementation could not have been more straightforward."

Payoneer is using Cotendo’s CDN Balancer to optimize content delivery in different geographic locations. Dynamic Site Acceleration is used for accelerating non-cacheable, dynamic content. The suite also includes a real-time reporting platform for monitoring user activity. "Having real-time data is extremely valuable for us because it enables us to make instant decisions on regional activity." Tal said.

Payoneer achieved immediate and significant performance improvements upon implementation of the Cotendo CDN and Site Acceleration Suite. According to Tal, in some geographical regions, access times have been reduced by as much as 75%. "The improvements in our website performance have had a direct — very positive — effect on a massive international customer base." he said.

The Cotendo CDN and Site Acceleration Suite has proven to be a highly economical content delivery solution for Payoneer, from both a price and a cost savings perspective. "Since implementing the CDN, we have significantly reduced our customer service and R&D costs."

"Accelerated content delivery is making a huge difference for users of the Payoneer payments platform," said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo’s CEO. "Together, Payoneer and Cotendo are giving customers around the world unprecedented access to earnings and transaction information. The result is good business for Payoneer’s customers and a great experience for their payees."

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Payoneer Selects Cotendo CDN Suite to Accelerate Access to Its Online Payments Network

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