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CommVault integrates with Nirvanix cloud storage

CommVault Simpana Software now includes integrated Nirvanix cloud storage

SAN DIEGO – February 1st, 2010 –Nirvanix®, the premier enterprise cloud storage service provider, is partnering with CommVault to bring enterprise cloud storage to CommVault® Simpana® 8 customers via an integrated cloud storage connector. The Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network™ (SDN) will be accessible as an offsite scalable storage target for CommVault customers enabling secure transfer of deduplicated backup and archive data directly to any of its globally distributed storage nodes on up to three continents.

The combination of Nirvanix’s secure and reliable access to scalable enterprise cloud storage and Simpana software’s data and information management software, reduces the complexity of moving, managing and protecting data in the cloud while significantly lowering overall operational costs. With backup, granular recovery, records management, deduplication, archiving, heterogeneous content search and compliance management capabilities all offered from the Simpana single platform and extendable to the cloud, the integrated CommVault-Nirvanix solution provides limitless capacity and eases the burden of managing large amounts of data while meeting compliance requirements.

"By integrating Simpana software with Nirvanix, our customers can seamlessly and securely access the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network,” said David West, CommVault’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “Customers now have the unprecedented flexibility to choose how and where they store their data. With Simpana software and Nirvanix, businesses gain all the operational and cost benefits of cloud storage, while retaining the full range of data and information management capabilities inherent in our single platform approach.”

Among the benefits of the Nirvanix/CommVault joint solution are:

Instant setup and limitless capacity

• Nirvanix cloud storage eliminates the need to design, purchase, and provision onsite capacity

• Nirvanix cloud storage scales seamlessly from initial install to petabyte scale

• Simple drop-down selection of Nirvanix SDN from within the Simpana storage policy GUI

Solid ROI

• Users pay only for what they need with no wasted capacity, data center space, or power

• Nirvanix is a fully managed service, allowing storage managers to focus on other storage applications

• Optimizes utilization of existing storage assets and data center space

• Data can be transferred from existing infrastructure to Nirvanix cloud storage with lower TCO

Ease the burden of managing large amounts of data

• Automates transfer of data from traditional storage hardware such as disk or tape to Nirvanix cloud storage based on user-defined data policies

• Enables compression and deduplication before data crosses the network

Meet compliance and retention requirements

• Automatically supports Nirvanix policy based storage enabling the storing of data on any of Nirvanix’s globally distributed storage nodes

• Available Content Indexing before data crosses the network to meet eDiscovery requirements of on-premises and cloud data from a centralized management console

• Available FIPS-certified encryption before data crosses the network

• Nirvanix is SAS-70 type II certified and all storage nodes are in Tier III facilities with state of the art physical and software security

“Unlike other data management to cloud storage solutions we evaluated, the combination of Nirvanix and CommVault technology is well thought out. We were impressed right away,” said Jack Vant, System Engineer at Boise State University, who had an early opportunity to evaluate the joint solution. “The setup was fast, and support was on the ball and available to ensure everything was running smoothly. I was expecting it to take weeks, but was moving data to the cloud after a few hours utilizing the existing policies I had already set up in Simpana software.”

“The overwhelming majority of customers we talk to tell us that managing data growth from a data awareness and storage provisioning perspective is what they struggle with the most,” said Geoff Tudor, Co-founder and SVP of Business Development of Nirvanix. “Through our partnership with CommVault we are able to offer a complete solution that leverages Simpana software’s industry leading single platform approach to data management with scalable and fully managed enterprise cloud storage powered by Nirvanix. Users of the combined solution can now automate data transfer to the cloud to any one of our 5 globally dispersed locations and instantly provision as much storage as they need.”

Nirvanix is working directly with CommVault to offer the joint solution to end users. CommVault resellers can sign up for the Nirvanix Partner Program to access training materials and generate recurring revenue via annuity- based commissions. In addition, Nirvanix will assign approved resellers a Nirvanix representative to train and help their staff during the sales process. Interested resellers can get more information and apply to become a Nirvanix Channel Partner at

About CommVault

A singular vision – a belief in a better way to address current and future data management needs – guides CommVault in the development of Singular Information Management® solutions for high-performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. CommVault’s exclusive single-platform architecture gives companies unprecedented control over data growth, costs and risk. CommVault’s Simpana® software suite of products was designed to work together seamlessly from the ground up, sharing a single code and common function set, to deliver superlative Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Search and Resource Management capabilities. More companies every day join those who have discovered the unparalleled efficiency, performance, reliability, and control only CommVault can offer. Information about CommVault is available at CommVault’s corporate headquarters is located in Oceanport, New Jersey in the United States.

About Nirvanix

Nirvanix’s mission is to ease the burden of storage management for organizations while enabling secure and reliable access to data worldwide. Nirvanix provides the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network™ (SDN), a fully-managed, secure cloud storage service developed for today’s enterprises. The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the optimal user experience. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nirvanix is privately held and has raised more than $23 million in funding from world-class investors including Intel Capital, Valhalla Partners, Mission Ventures, Windward Ventures, and the European Founders Fund. Nirvanix customers range from Internet startups to Fortune 10 organizations. For more information about the company and its services, visit


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