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Voxel Chooses ParaScale Software as the Foundation of its Cloud Storage Service Offering


CUPERTINO, Calif. – (Business Wire) ParaScale, Inc., a leader in developing cloud storage software solutions, announced today that Voxel dot Net, Inc, a New York City-based managed hosting and IaaS provider, has selected ParaScale software as the cloud storage platform to power its cloud storage offering. Voxel delivers scalability for demanding Internet applications using its VoxSERVER dedicated server line, VoxCLOUD cloud computing services, and VoxCAST global content delivery network (CDN) across North America, Europe and Asia.

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"ParaScale’s unique architecture enables us to offer differentiated cloud storage solutions to meet the needs of our customer base,” said Raj Dutt, CEO of Voxel. “With ParaScale, we have been able to realize our target feature-set and TCO. Unlike what we have seen with some other products, ParaScale is truly designed to scale out both performance and capacity by using commodity servers running Linux.”

“With ParaScale technology, Voxel is now able to offer high performance, multi-location, multi-tenant cloud storage at an attractive price point,” said Sam Machiz, Vice President of Sales at Voxel. “Additionally, the ease of provisioning and deploying ParaScale, combined with the automation features of VoxCLOUD, allows us to create high-value hosted private clouds for our most demanding customers that meet their required levels of security, performance and compliance.”

There is significant opportunity for service providers in cloud computing. Analyst firm Tier1 quantifies the public cloud service market to be around $300M in 2009 and conservatively estimates 100% growth per year for the next three years. Cloud storage is estimated to be approximately 40-60% of this market and customers can adopt it quickly because it doesn’t require many programming tweaks to existing applications.

“Voxel’s cloud storage services go beyond the basic cloud storage offerings in the market today. This next generation of services leverage ParaScale’s flexible infrastructure that provides internet-scale storage, self-management and the flexibility to function simultaneously as a cloud, a NAS pool, an analytic platform or integrated virtual compute/storage platform,” said Sajai Krishnan, CEO of ParaScale. “We are pleased to have been selected by Voxel as their global partner in deploying a cloud storage solution.”

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About Voxel:

Voxel delivers high-performance Internet Infrastructure and managed hosting solutions that are scalable, fully-supported and cost-effective. From powering the Internet’s top video sites, blogs, and high traffic websites, to delivering computing resources on-demand for horizontally scalable applications, Voxel offers unparalleled global expertise in hosting infrastructure, managed services, CDN services and cloud computing. Founded in 1999, privately-held Voxel dot Net is headquartered in New York with offices in both Manhattan and Singapore and employs approximately 40 employees.

About ParaScale, Inc.

ParaScale is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is the leader in cloud storage software that enables enterprises and service providers to easily deploy storage cloud service offerings or NAS pools. As a software-only solution that can be downloaded from the web and applied to any standard Linux platform, ParaScale Cloud Storage enables hundreds of commodity servers to be clustered together to deliver file storage that easily scales capacity and performance independently and economically. For more information visit

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Voxel Chooses ParaScale Software as the Foundation of its Cloud Storage Service Offering

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