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IBM partnership, IBM CDN | CDN Strategy Blog


Jet Stream and IBM have formed a partnership to work together in CDN projects. Jet Stream was contacted by IBM about 9 months ago to learn more about our CDN technologies…

…After an NDA and a demo we decided to meet in London to further discuss the developments in the telecom industry with the focus on CDN solutions. IBM had shopped around for CDN solutions and had not found any solution that fit their needs. Most CDNs had a CDN service-only (SAAS) business case that didn’t fit the CDN licensing business model IBM had in mind. And other CDN technology vendors had an inflexible appliance-dependent approach that made deploying the CDNs that IBM has in mind extremely expensive and impossible.

But the Jet Stream VDO-X solution is 100% software, and was according to IBM much better fit for their business ideas, flexibility requirements, integration requirements and deployment requirements. Our technology can easily get into the smallest nerves of huge networks. So we are now formally IBM partnerworld partner. This means that IBM can license our technology globally for tier-1 operators and that we can push IBM forward as a global systems integrator.

To demonstrate the IBM CDN solution, IBM has deployed a CDN demo setup in their stunningly beautiful La Gaude Innovation & Business Solution Lab near Nice in southern France. The core of this demo CDN is our VDO-X CDN software. We have worked on this in the past few months. IBM added IBM and third party technologies. The demo setup can mimic traffic patterns of telco networks, to show the huge bandwidth savings, new business opportunities and new features an on-net CDN can provide.

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