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Edge Logic Simplified with Mirror Image Internet’s Edge Computing Framework

Best-in-Class Solution Provides Faster, Easier Configuration and Implementation of Edge Computing Services on Mirror Image Content Delivery Network

IAB MIXX Conference, New York, NY– September 27, 2010 Mirror Image® Internet, a leading provider of content delivery solutions powered by a patented global network, today announced the availability of its Edge Computing Framework (ECF), enabling businesses to quickly and easily execute custom edge logic on Mirror Image’s content delivery network. Mirror Image’s ECF can detect a wide range of conditions and settings associated with online visitors and execute logic which drives actions in real time “at the edge” of the network, increasing scalability while shortening response times.

Customized edge logic is created and deployed across Mirror Image’s global content delivery network through a configuration process that is faster, simpler, and less error-prone than other approaches that require customers to write new code. ECF also eliminates platform and architecture restrictions associated with alternate approaches.

Mirror Image is also announcing the availability of packaged solutions that execute in conjunction with ECF, including packaged solutions for online ad targeting, pixel tracking, geo-targeting, content rotation, mobile device re-direct, robot detection, and others.

“The traditional approach to edge computing offered by CDNs simply does not work for all organizations and applications,” said James G. Hart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mirror Image Internet. “Meeting the demand for fast, simple, and hassle-free Edge Computing has driven the development of our Edge Computing Framework. We can deploy highly customized in-session logic across our global content delivery network for our customers faster and more easily than any other vendor.”

Edge Computing in a Content Delivery Network

Many web applications contain session logic that determines various attributes associated with each visitor, and subsequently executes customized actions for each visitor in real time, for example to present a targeted ad based on the visitor’s browsing history, or to display the appropriate content based on the visitor’s location. For some of these applications, the use of a CDN is required to achieve scalability and low latency to accommodate increased or spiky traffic, diverse geographic activity, or compliance with Service Level Agreements with customers and partners. For these situations, the CDN must provide the ability to execute Edge Computing on its network.

Mirror Image’s Differentiated Approach to Edge Computing

Mirror Image, in contrast with other CDNs, provides customers with a unique architectural approach to executing Edge Computing on its network. ECF was developed by identifying commonly occurring edge-specific criteria and actions in customers’ applications and standardizing them in a flexible, extensible framework. New Edge Computing services are created through a simple configuration process. Edge Computing services are easily integrated with customers’ existing web applications without requiring any re-writing of code, without requiring complex scripting or proprietary tags, and without requiring customers to be running on a particular vendor’s platform or in a particular architectural environment.

“Content delivery has moved beyond mere object caching and streaming, and CDNs must increasingly deploy business logic processing capabilities into their networks to meet customer requirements for high availability, scalability, and low latency of sophisticated web applications,” said Melanie Posey, Research Vice President at IDC. "Mirror Image continues to enhance its edge logic offerings, providing flexible frameworks for customer deployment."

For more information on Mirror Image’s Edge Computing Framework or to download a comprehensive whitepaper on the topic, visit .

About Mirror Image Internet

Mirror Image® Internet, Inc. combines a patented global network with results-driven content delivery solutions to help customers deploy, monitor and refine online strategies.  The company’s track record of success has given leading retailers, advertisers, media companies and enterprises the control they need to maximize assets and reduce costs while enhancing the visitor experience. 

Mirror Image has been recognized by Internet Retailer magazine as the 2010 Vendor Leader in the Content Delivery Network Category for the fourth consecutive year. The company was also named a 2008 finalist in the Streaming Media magazine Readers’ Choice Awards in the Global Content Network Delivery category. Mirror Image is a U.S.-based company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass. Mirror Image was founded in 1997. For additional information, please visit or call +1 866 374 4113.

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