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Official Launching of CDN InstantIT.Asia by Exabytes Network


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In wake of Level 3 deal, Netflix offers streaming-only plan
Because of the deal, Level 3 said it is speeding up plans to upgrade its content delivery network (CDN) capacity. "Level 3 will double its storage capacity

Official Launching of InstantIT.Asia by Exabytes Network
A Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a system of servers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so

Ziln partners with Web Drive on new Internet TV content
Drive’s new video content distribution network (CDN) offering very fast Ziln Drive’s CDN will take Ziln to the next level of on-line VOD TV delivery


3 new results for cdn, content delivery network


How to build a Content Delivery Network on a tiny budget! | John
By John Joubert
An explanation on how to setup a content delivery network on the WordPress platform, quickly, simply and very easily. Little to now effort is required! (its free) and then go ahead an download this brilliant plug-in called WordPress Total Cache which will speed up and optimise your WordPress site’s perfomance while also turning into into a Content Delivery Network (CDN) all on auto pilot!
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RestorePoint Selects Level 3 to Improve Recovery Time ยป CDN News
By rushin
Today (on November 22, 2010), Level 3 Communications, the leading provider of fiber-based network solutions and Content Delivery Network services announced that it has signed an agreement with the disaster recovery and data protection
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Optimizing Cloud Applications for Holiday Traffic | Rackspace
By Cameron Nouri
Static Content- For the best performance, we recommend migrating all static media files (images, video, audio, flash, etc.) to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) of your choice. This means your customers will have shorter wait times
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