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Internet Metering Coming to the US via CDN?


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Internet Metering Coming to the US?
IEEE Spectrum
"As a result of the deal, Level 3 has accelerated plans to further invest in its CDN [content delivery network] capacity. Level 3 will double its storage
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Why TV needs to wise up to net neutrality
Level 3 Communications, a Denver-based ‘internet backbone’ provider or content delivery network (CDN), is one among a number responsible for managing large
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Monitoring Guide: Interactive Agencies: CDN Monitoring to enhance
By Ziggy
One way that interactive agencies increasingly do this is to use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for faster delivery of the online content they have developed for clients. The use of CDNs allows interactive agencies to position online media, such that client website and web Starting with a CDN: Monitoring CDN-based content from multiple points of presence can provide metrics that serve as “proof of concept” for moving the client’s content to a CDN network.
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IETF — I-D Action:draft-jenkins-cdni-problem-statement-00.txt
For these reasons they are frequently used for large-scale content delivery. As a result, existing CDN providers are scaling up their infrastructure and many Network Service Providers (NSPs) are deploying their own CDNs.
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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog With Free Content Delivery
Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an excellent idea to speed up your Website, Using CDN will definitely increase your website speed which will gives a best…id…

Content Delivery Network – Accelerate Your Content Delivery. How
Enhance Your website’s Performance with Hostway’s Content Delivery Network – Edge Caching.

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