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Jet-Stream Enables CDN Deployment for One of Mexico’s Largest Telecom Operators

Jet-Stream, selected by DIMTEC, to build and control content delivery network in partnership with Alestra for education, corporate and government clients


GRONINGEN, Netherlands, Jan 3, 2010 – Jet-Stream BV, the leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) solutions, today announced its work with DIMTEC, a company specializing in digital media services and telecommunications support, to launch a CDN in partnership with Alestra, one of Mexico’s largest telecom operators.

The partnership will deploy Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange technology, a software-based solution for rapid and cost-effective CDN deployment, to support the partnership`s wholesale SmartCast ( content delivery services aimed at corporations, government and education clients based in Mexico.  DIMTEC, Jet-Stream’s partner in Mexico, is leading the CDN deployment project.

Jet-Stream will provide the partnership with a CDN platform that’s easy to deploy and use.  The flexibility of the VideoExchange solution will give the partnership full control over its network infrastructure, allowing the company to manage bandwidth and content traffic patterns.  Jet-Stream also will ensure the partnership’s wholesale CDN platform meets the high expectations of clients demanding quality content delivery.  In addition, the software solution will support local content distribution, a key requirement for the partnership, eliminating any latency issues for content, including video streams.

DIMTEC selected Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange because it is the only software-based solution compatible with any content format.  VideoExchange also supports seamless content delivery to any of the three screens, whether it’s a PC, mobile device or set-top box.  In addition, DIMTEC and Alestra are relying on VideoExchange to future proof its CDN, ensuring the platform can eventually connect with other globally-focused CDNs.

The Jet-Stream VideoExchange technology does not require an appliance-based approach dependent on third-party vendors to support a CDN, instead offering an open, intelligent and on-network content delivery solution.

“The demand for professional content delivery services is growing in Mexico, and it is no surprise to us that we selected Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange technology for our SmartCast services to address that need,” said Mauricio Lozano, CEO of DIMTEC.  “Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange platform has a strong reputation in the industry and will be key in allowing our SmartCast services to meet the high expectations of corporate, educational and government clients that need specialized content delivery.”

Businesses and organizations tapping into SmartCast’s CDN will receive specialized content delivery to support their daily operations.  Education institutions will use the SmartCast CDN for virtual classes, training, and cultural and sport events.  Government clients can connect constituents to local and national information.  And businesses can use the SmartCast CDN for corporate training and communications, seminars, video conferencing and video-based outreach to customers.

Eventually, SmartCast’s CDN will support the needs of media and entertainment clients, providing quality wholesale content delivery and support for such services as over-the-top video and IPTV.

“Mexico has limited resources for content delivery.  Yet, demand for specialized content delivery services continues to grow,” said Stef van der Ziel, Jet-Stream CEO.  “Both Alestra and DIMTEC are answering the need for professional content delivery in Mexico, and Jet-Stream is happy to support this effort with a flexible, quick to market platform that addresses their clients’ unique needs, bringing content to any device, in any location at any time.”

About Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream is the expert in the CDN industry.  In business since 2002, the company helps its telco customers save money by offloading traffic, monetize CDN services and accelerate premium web, mobile, IPTV and OTT content.

Jet-Stream develops next generation CDN technologies. The company’s cutting edge software is cost-effective and quick to deploy when compared to more expensive, locking-in and inflexible hardware, DNS and caching-based CDN solutions.

Jet-Stream is a privately-owned and fast-growing vision leader. The company has been profitable since the start and has deployed more than 25 CDNs, with a record of 12 CDN deployments in the past year.

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