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Internap seeks 10 Sr. Software Engineers for Cloud Development Team in Atlanta

Internap is Hiring! We are looking for 10 “Senior Software Engineers” to join our Cloud Development Team in Atlanta, GA. Email resume to

TITLE: Senior Software Engineer (Cloud)
REPORTS TO: Director, Software Engineering
Internap seeks highly motivated Cloud Senior Software Engineers to join our San Jose, CA and Atlanta, GA Development Teams to help develop and create Internap’s new Cloud infrastructure technology. As a member of Internap’s cloud team, you will get involved with various technologies related to distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, resource virtualization, complex networking, and/or data caching/storage. You will be encouraged to collaborate with relevant open source development teams to produce features that can be fed back and customized to add value to the internal project. You will work in a collaborative, agile team environment that values both individual talent and the ability to communicate and learn. For consideration, email resume to

1. Work cross-team with product mgmt to ensure correct feature delivery
2. Architectural diagrams, documentations, & direction for complex features
3. Hands on software development for any mission critical features
4. Work with product mgmt on identifying tactical cross-functional requirements
5. Develop specific performance, security, and reliability targets
6. Be one of the cloud ‘experts’
7. Research, design, prototype new storage system, virtualized dynamic networks, distributed applications and more
8. Assist with operational support of applications, and insure prompt response to customer’s requests and needs.
9. Work with the larger engineering organization for system integration, architecture and design.
The applicant must have the following qualifications:
1. 5+ years in automation; preferably infrastructure and hardware
2. Experience mentoring/coaching teams
3. Strong OO development skills
4. 1+ years in building virtualized infrastructure or automating on top of it
5. 3+ years in designing and developing RESTful APIs with proven real work experience
6. Proven ability to understand complex systems
7. Example expertise for systems: deep understanding of hypervisors (VMmare, Xen, or KVM), strong understanding or Linux/Unix kernels, how hared memory of IPC works process management and control
The following skills are highly desired:
1. Scripting: Python, Ruby
2. Coding: C, C++, Java
3. 5+ years integrating to APIs
4. Functional languages a plus: Erlang
5. 5+ years in OO
6. Open source project development
a. Specific knowledge of OpenStack a big plus
7. 2+ years in building infrastructure clouds (not virtualization, real cloud computing systems like AMZN, GOOG, GoGrid, Rackspace, etc.)
8. Expertise in message bus architectures
9. Strong knowledge of standard messaging systems like JMS and MQ Series
10. Prefer knowledge and expertise with more esoteric messaging systems: XMPP, AMQP, and UDP/multicast
11. Example expertise for storage: deep understanding of storage subsystems, ability to describe how IPS work, strong understanding of magnetic and flash memory media, understand relationship of networking and storage (e.g. bandwith and IOPS relationships)
12. Example expertise for networking: deep understanding of layer 2 and layer 3 protocols including BGP, OSPF, STP/RSTP, ECMP, IGMP, etc

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