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Is the Quest for a CDN Strategy Paralyzing Carriers?

Is the Quest for a CDN Strategy Paralyzing Carriers?
Converge Network Digest
Added to this, Frost & Sullivan estimates the Video CDN market to cross $1.5 billion in 2013 alone (2) . As users continue to access rich media content, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have now become an integral part of the network landscape giving
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Converge Network Digest

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Here’s Why the Future of the CDN Business Is in Mobile Content Acceleration

Here’s Why the Future of the CDN Business Is in Mobile Content Acceleration
Seeking Alpha
At the same time, the evolution of mobile behaviors and use cases (for users, publishers, and advertisers) underscores the need for new ways to overcome weakness in wireless data network delivery to ensure that content arrival on handsets can hold
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AT&T: "We expect mobile optimization-type services to drive innovation and growth in CDN services"

As consumption of Web content on these devices continues to grow, content delivery network providers will play a critical role in ensuring that content gets to these devices efficiently and in the right format. The market for CDN services continues to
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vzaar and Volusion partner to provide seamless eCommerce

August 17, 2011, London, UK – vzaar, ( ) a leading video hosting platform for business, today announced that they have partnered with Volusion,  the leading provider of shopping cart software and ecommerce services for online merchants.
vzaar provides professional web hosting and distribution services to a wide gamut of businesses – from small online mom & pop eRetailers to large, international companies with both online and brick & mortar divisions.
"Web video and eCommerce are powerful partners for generating online sales and profits," says Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar. "Companies like vzaar and Volusion do the heavy lifting of web infrastructure and let the online retailer do what they do best: develop and market products and services."
Volusion helps online businesses succeed by providing the most innovative, user-friendly ecommerce software available. Volusion’s partners provide assistance, software and guidance for businesses of all sizes and types, located anywhere in the world.
"This partnership makes a lot of sense for our customers," James Booker, Business Development Manager at Volusion says. "Video is quickly becoming one of the most important and effective ways for online retailersto sell and market their products and services. By incorporating vzaar’s industry-leading video hosting and distribution technology within our ecommerce solution, we are adding yet another important tool  to help our customers succeed in the extremely competitive online marketing space."


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Limelight Networks and Level 3 in Discussions to Merge Their CDN Offerings

by Seeking Alpha
Back in 2008 I reported that Level 3 was quietly buying up CDN related patents, including at least 20 from IBM. In 2008 Level 3 had 50 patents that were pending pertaining to content delivery and already owned over 80 patents specific to content
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Valve Leverages Highwinds CDN for Steam Platform

Content Delivery for Valve Reaffirms Highwinds’ Commitment to the Online Gaming Community

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Aug. 16, 2011 – Highwinds®, a leader in content delivery, network and cloud-based IP services, today announced that Valve Corporation is tapping into the Highwinds CDN (content delivery network) for Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform.  Valve, a long-time Highwinds customer, is experiencing exponential growth with Steam, and the Highwinds CDN will be instrumental in supporting the platform’s global growth and popularity.

“Highwinds has been an important part of the infrastructure behind our Steam platform for more than three years,” said Mike Dunkle, who handles source licensing and business development for Valve.  “As our customer base grows internationally and we continue to post large year-over-year increases in our numbers, Highwinds remains a vital partner for us.  The global reach and massive scalability of Highwinds CDN make it an ideal solution for our game delivery needs.”

Over the past several years, Steam has sustained massive increases in its key figures, including sales, total user accounts, daily active users and simultaneous players.  Today, over 1,300 games are delivered over Steam to more than 30 million active users, with the number of peak simultaneous players quickly approaching five million.  With its global network infrastructure, high bandwidth capacity, fast delivery speeds and industry-specific software tools, the Highwinds CDN is well-positioned to fuel Valve’s Steam platform as it continues its growth trajectory.

“We recognize Steam as the de facto standard in online video game delivery, and we are pleased to be supporting the platform as it gains traction around the world,” said Steve Miller, chairman and CEO of Highwinds.  “Valve was originally brought on as a network services customer and, today, they’re utilizing our content delivery services for game delivery over Steam.  Our strong relationship with Valve, which has scaled and evolved over time to support their volume and geographic growth, is representative of Highwinds’ commitment to the gaming community.”

This announcement follows closely on the heels of the launch of Highwinds GDN™ (Game Delivery Network), a vertically focused reinvention of its CDN for online game publishers.  For more information about Highwinds GDN, visit  To schedule a meeting with Highwinds this week, Aug. 15-19, at the Game Developers Conference Europe and gamescom in Cologne, Germany, please e-mail

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INTERVIEW: Edge Computing with Mirror Image

Randy: This is Randy Cooper and I’m CDN I’m here with Martin Hayward of Mirror Image Internet. He’s going to be talking with us today about Edge Computing. Is that right, Martin?

Martin: Yes, that’s correct.

Randy: Tell us what Edge Computing really is.

Martin: First of all, I want to thank you for letting me join you on this webcast. I really appreciate it. It’s great to be here.

Randy: It sounds great and you look great. And we’re interested.

Martin: Edge Computing is a general term that refers to the execution of an application or parts of an application on the edges of the network; they often use Edge Computing to execute "in- session" logic based on information about the website visitor. So, the more information a company can collect about a visitor, the more targeted the content that can be presented. Our company focuses on providing these services to a wide variety of industries. Those industries can range from advertising, retailers, news media, entertainment and government, for example.

Randy: Sure!

Martin: So, for example, the visitor’s history and session history, which is stored as cookie values, their location, browser type, device type, connection speed and other attributes can all influence the logic and actions that are performed, in order to best monetize the user with the most contextually appropriate content.

Randy: So, you’re talking about actually doing this in real time, then?

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Level 3 Provides CDN Services for RuTube, Helping Increase Video Views on the Popular Russian Video Portal Site by 15 Percent

Level 3’s Media Delivery Solution Improves Quality, Reach and Volume of RuTube’s Online Video Streams and Post-Roll Advertising


Level3-logoLevel 3 Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:  LVLT) today announced that it has been selected to provide content delivery network (CDN) services to Russian online video portal RuTube, enabling the delivery of the portals video content throughout Europe. Since Level 3 began providing service to the company in April 2011, RuTube tests have shown significant improvements in the quality and reach of its video content, resulting in  a 15 percent jump in the number of full video views on the site.

“Using Level 3’s CDN services, we’re able to steadily increase the capacity of our video platform and seamlessly meet demand as our online audience grows,” said RuTube chief technology officer Evgeny Kukushkin. “By helping us increase the quality and reach of our content, we’ve seen not only a significant increase in total video views, but also an increase in views of our advertising – a critical factor in helping us monetize our content.”

With Level 3’s highly scalable CDN services, bandwidth-intensive content such as video can be more quickly and efficiently delivered to RuTube users in Russia and internationally, regardless of how many users are requesting the video content at once. Since April, Level 3’s CDN has been able to easily support the delivery of 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) of peak traffic for RuTube. At the same time, with Level 3’s CDN, RuTube has been able to noticeably increase the quality of video playbacks, an important factor in improving end-user experience on the site.

“For customers like RuTube, whose business model depends on the reliable, high-quality delivery of video content, meeting users’ expectation is critical,” said James Heard, president of European Markets at Level 3. “With Level 3’s CDN platform, RuTube has instant international connectivity and network scalability without the significant investment it would take to build out that infrastructure on their own. As demand for content such as video grows, we’re committed to expanding the reach of our CDN services to meet the needs of our content customers in Russia and internationally.”

For more information on Level 3’s CDN capabilities, please visit

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Highwinds Launches Game Delivery Network

Highwinds Taps into Key Partnerships, In-House Software Development Expertise and Seasoned Personnel to Build and Market the Industry-Specific GDN for Online Game Publishers

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Aug. 15, 2011 – Highwinds®, a leader in content delivery, network and cloud-based IP services, today unveiled Highwinds GDN (Game Delivery Network), a vertically focused reinvention of its content delivery network (CDN) for online game publishers.  The first CDN specifically tuned for game delivery, Highwinds GDN couples content delivery services with industry-specific software differentiators to address the unique needs of online game publishers.

Highwinds, leveraging its position as both a content delivery and network services provider and a software development shop, is introducing the GDN as a focused initiative to solve the problems online gaming publishers face.  It integrates Highwinds’ global CDN and a gaming software stack that enables faster downloads, lower delivery costs, fewer abandonments, an integrated download manager, and real-time analytics, all from a single-source provider committed to online game delivery innovation.

Due to its expertise in the online game publishing industry, Highwinds has been working closely with long-time partner Solid State Networks on various technological aspects of the GDN platform.  Industry veteran Ed DiEoreo, who was recently hired as Highwinds’ client executive, online gaming, is leading the charge for Highwinds GDN sales.  While the GDN is a new branded technology initiative, Highwinds has already achieved milestones in delivering game content to global gaming audiences.  Notable successes include Highwinds’ delivery of the world’s most popular social media sports game, Nordeus’ Top Eleven, Highwinds’ live streaming of Riot Games’ League of Legends Championship for own3D to a history-making online audience, and Highwinds’ content delivery services for Valve, used to support their Steam platform.

“GDN is an industry-specific reinvention of our CDN,” said Steve Miller, chairman and CEO of Highwinds.  “Highwinds GDN represents a new technology portfolio for the online gaming industry.  It’s the culmination of our proven track record in delivering game content to global users, our investment in market-specific software development, solid gaming industry partnerships, employees who understand the unique needs of the online gaming industry, and our commitment to keep raising the technological bar.”

The Highwinds GDN is being presented this week, Aug. 15-19, at the Game Developers Conference Europe and at gamescom.  For a private meeting, please visit the Highwinds meeting room at gamescom located at the GDC Europe Business Lounge in Hall 4.2, Booth # J-021.  For more information or to schedule a meeting, please e-mail

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwinds is a content delivery, network and cloud-based IP services business that offers a comprehensive suite of CDN solutions, including content storage and IP software.  The company delivers content and rich media over its high-performance RollingThunder® network to millions of global users every day.  Highwinds’ CDN customers gain unprecedented command and control with its StrikeTracker® console and open APIs.  Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains data centers around the world.  For more information, visit


Highwinds, RollingThunder and StrikeTracker are registered trademarks, and GDN is a trademark, of Highwinds Network Group, Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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SKYPE INTERVIEW: Mirror Image: Martin Hayward, Director of Marketing

Randy Cooper, founder of CDN Evangelist, interviews Martin Heyward, Director of Marketing for Mirror Image as they discuss content delivery to mobile devices.