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Highwinds Supports Brain Cancer Awareness with Video Delivery

David Welch, Brain Cancer Survivor, Leverages the Highwinds CDN to Deliver Educational Videos to a Growing Global Audience

WINTER PARK, Fla., June 30 /PRNewswire/ — Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider, today announced that it is contributing to 38 Lemon’s mission of raising brain cancer awareness by providing video hosting and delivery services for the organization. David Welch was diagnosed at age 38 with a lemon-sized brain tumor widely considered inoperable. Over the past three years, Welch has documented his journey as a brain cancer survivor on his web site,, which reaches and seeks to educate nearly 40,000 new visitors a month and had over 10 million hits in the past year alone. Highwinds is supporting Welch in his efforts by contributing its CDN (Content Delivery Network) services for the delivery of several videos over its high-performance RollingThunder(TM) network.


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Web Host Webair Offers CDN Services

By Justin Lee,
June 27, 2008 — (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Web hosting provider Webair ( announced on Thursday it is now offering its global content delivery network services, enabling users to deliver content with “unparalleled throughput and responsiveness.” Level 1 PCI DSS Certified Service Provider! DataPipe delivers the best network & support; top tier data centers; New York metro, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai. DataPipe – Personal Touch, Global Reach. The launch marks a growing trend in web hosting providers incorporating content delivery network services into their plans. Softlayer recently launched its own content delivery network product last month, as well as added several new features to the product.
The company says Webair CDN enables video to play smoothly without any stalling or choppiness, cue audio files instantly, as if they were on your hard drive and download software quickly to achieve high completion rates. Webair CDN offers PUSH technology which provides customers with greater control over the content on the CDN and enables them to receive instant content updates without having to change meta tags or wait for cache timeouts. And while traditional cache based CDN delete the customer’s content after the allotted set time is reached, Webair CDN duplicates content and stores it globally and distributes it instantly. This allows for a faster, more robust type of CDN, says Webair.


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Make your own cheap charlie CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery(or Distribution) Network. It is a network of servers usually located in various geographic locations to improve the availability and access speed of a website (or webapp or other media). The main use of CDNs were during the nineteens when inter-continental access was slow, scarce and expensive. Origin server could be in the silicon valley, users from UK would access the node located in UK, so in theory only once the page would be downloaded from the US server to the UK server. Thus allowing the UK visitors to access the page locally resulting in a huge saving in inter-continental bandwidth costs and improved access times for the end users.


I don’t know this guy nor have I made a full study of this but just briefly scanning it, it looks interesting. Check it out yourself and post a comment to this article. Thanks!

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Internap Network Services Corporation (NASDAQ:INAP), a global provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, announced today it is working with to provide spirited sports fans a forum for communicating about their favorite teams. Internap’s incomparable Content Delivery Network (CDN) is being leveraged by to build an expansive online venue for its users that will be able to scale as memberships increase., a Web-based social networking platform, is built for sports enthusiasts looking to rally for the next big game, rant about their team’s latest wins or losses, or ‘trash-talk’ with followers of opposing teams. The free site features live, interactive chat rooms for every major athletic event nationwide. Sports blogs also allow for real-time discussions on the hottest games, and live scores and betting lines keep every fan up to speed on their team’s progress. Prior to the launch of the site, fans relied on sources such as sports talk radio shows to share their opinions on recent or upcoming games. now provides a real-time venue for more than 112,000 visitors to the site each day.


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AT&T’s CDN Offering Won’t Displace Akamai or Limelight Anytime Soon

Yesterday, there was a lot of talk about AT&T (T) and its CDN announcement and as usual, a lot of questions, mostly from Wall Street, on what this means to Akamai (AKAM) and the rest of the CDN industry. While many sites covered the news, I saw very few sites give more details on what, if any, impact this has on the market. Lots of re-hash of the press release with very little additional info or data to compare AT&T’s plans with the rest of the market.

To me, the important take away of the announcement was AT&T’s appointment of Cathy Martine as the executive vice president of Content Distribution. AT&T has had technical folks working on its CDN offering since last year, but to date, did not have anyone leading the business. It’s really hard to start any new product offering in the market if no one is responsible for it on the business side, which AT&T now has. A 25+ year veteran at AT&T, Cathy formerly launched and ran the company’s VoIP product line but will now focus solely on the CDN business. Late yesterday, I had a chance to speak to Cathy and some of her technical team to get my questions answered.


As usual, Dan puts it all into perspective…

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Web Hosting Network Cloud Storage Solution, Includes Content Delivery Services

San Diego, California – (The Hosting News) – June 25, 2008 – Global, full-service content delivery network (CDN) and ”Cloud Storage” platform provider optimized for media, Nirvanix, have developed a strategic alliance to offer what it reports is the industry’s only unified cloud storage and content delivery service.

Richard Villars, Vice President for Storage Systems research at IDC noted, ”Maximizing the monetary value of all digital content is a requirement for all companies, but is especially critical for companies in the entertainment and e-learning industries. They need solutions that allow them to quickly deliver the latest popular content while also making rich pools of archival content available for discriminating customers. The combination of solutions like Nirvanix’s cloud-based Storage Delivery Network with a content delivery network like CDNetworks will make it easier for content owners to cost-effectively make all of their content available to the widest range of customers.”

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Edgecast Networks helps entertain the globe

Leading rich media CDN delivers top shows

Los Angeles, CA June 25, 2008 – EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost-effective rich media content delivery network (CDN), today announced that its network is powering the video delivery for, the Internet television network that powers the world’s leading Web shows.


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CloudNAS™ installs an “infinite” storage gateway in minutes

SAN DIEGO – June 25, 2008 – Nirvanix, the premier “Cloud Storage” platform provider optimized for media and large files, today announced the beta of a groundbreaking new set of products that attaches the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network to a local network as a Windows or Linux filer using standard industry networking protocols. Users can then work with the applications they are accustomed to, or simply drag and drop files from their desktops to Nirvanix’s award-winning storage service.

“Nirvanix CloudNAS represents a significant advancement in cloud storage,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of Nirvanix. “Previously, enterprises could only access cloud storage by programming to an API. Now with CloudNAS, customers can immediately integrate Nirvanix’s cloud storage into their existing applications and processes, and forego new purchases of expensive NetApp, EMC, IBM or other NAS products in favor of Nirvanix’s storage-as-a-service offering.”

Since CloudNAS is built on the Storage Delivery Network, storage administrators can point, click and configure their storage accounts to mirror to one or more locations automatically. This eliminates the need for backups, data migrations and other complexities of data management all at a cost that is a fraction of what it costs with “storage boxes.”

One recent third-party study of 67 medium to large enterprises indicated that owning and maintaining network attached storage can cost between $15 to $43 per gigabyte per year based on storage class. Based on these costs, the Nirvanix SDN is one-fifth or less the total cost of ownership of typical NAS vendor offerings. The study is currently available at

Nirvanix is launching CloudNAS as part of a beta program targeting companies that maintain repositories of archival, backup or unstructured data that requires long-term storage and use, or companies that use automated processes to transfer files to mapped drives. The Linux-based NFS mount version of CloudNAS uses RedHat 5 or Suse 10. The CIFS version of CloudNAS must be installed either on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows XP. Beta testers must be able to test and provide feedback during the beta period. Program participants will be offered special licensing terms to upgrade to the full release following completion of the beta program.

Companies interested in participating should visit and use the support contact form or email

CloudNAS will be available to all Nirvanix customers following successful beta testing.

About The Storage Delivery Network
Nirvanix has built a global cluster of storage nodes collectively referred to as the Storage Delivery Network (SDN), powered by the Nirvanix Internet Media File System (IMFS). The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the best user experience in the marketplace. With the ability to store multiple file copies in multiple geographic nodes, the SDN enables unparalleled data availability for developers, businesses and enterprises.
By using the Nirvanix SDN versus alternatives such as adding network storage systems or using first generation online storage platforms, businesses are guaranteed a shorter time-to-market, 80% savings over building their own storage operations, and also benefit from better flexibility and control for their operations.

About Nirvanix
Nirvanix is the premier global “Cloud Storage” platform provider. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nirvanix is privately held and has raised more than $18 million in funding from world-class investors including Intel Capital. Nirvanix customers include Fortune 50, media and entertainment and innovative Web 2.0 customers. For more information about the company and its services, visit

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Agreements Struck With ExtendMedia, Qumu and Stratacache to Deliver Rich Video, Web Content New Exec Named to Head AT&T’s Enterprise Digital Media Efforts

SAN ANTONIO, June 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), today
announced a suite of content delivery and digital media solutions to help
companies package, deliver and distribute video and rich multimedia Web
content across their networks to the three screens that are core to AT&T’s
multimedia strategy — the computer, the television and mobile computing
devices such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry(R).


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Magnify Launches Self-Service Content Delivery Network

Unsurprisingly, custom video aggregator is moving into the content delivery network (CDN) space. This is an opportunity for Magnify to pick up where some of the other networks like Brightcove are leaving off. Magnify was always built on its own CDN, but space was limited to 50 MB and it didn’t provide all of the freedom that a premium CDN has to offer. While you can’t yet take advantage of bulk uploads yet, this is an upcoming feature that Magnify will soon offer.

With the new CDN offering, you can also plug into Magnify’s embeddable player and any of the Magnify sites. Magnify is really targeting small- to medium-sized businesses with the new CDN offering, giving a self-service option where brands can push their own content. As this could very well be marketing video material, it offers a central place to upload videos with more control options for advertising and delivery.